Mohs Surgery

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You have been booked in for surgery to your skin tumour.  These notes have been written to help you understand what will happen when you come for your operation.  If you have any queries, please ring our office on 01865 320790.

Before the operation

Please abstain from alcohol and avoid all medications containing Aspirin for five days prior to surgery.  Unless advised to the contrary, on the day of surgery, please take any regular medications and eat a normal breakfast.

On the day

You may be asked to change into appropriate clothing.   All operations are carried out under local anaesthesia unless your consultant has discussed an alternative with you.  Therefore, you will be awake during the operation.  However, the area being operated on will be ‘numbed’ so that you should feel no discomfort.  Some patients may receive pre-medication which will make them a little sleepy during the operation.

The operation

The initial stage of the operation involves the removal of the area which appears to be affected.  After removal the tissue is prepared and taken to a Technician who processes it.  Meanwhile, a temporary dressing is applied to the wound and you will be able to relax in your room or cubicle.

Please bring something to read.  Refreshments are available or you may prefer to bring a snack with you.  Wi-Fi is available.

The processing may take up to two hours and when the specimens are ready the doctor will examine them carefully under a microscope to see if any ‘active’ cells extend to the edges.  If such cells are seen, then further tissue will need to be removed and you will be brought back to the procedure room.   Usually the effect of the anaesthetic persists, however it can be ‘topped up’ as necessary.  This procedure is repeated until all the ‘active cells’ have be removed.

After the operation

When you were seen for Consultation, the doctor will have discussed the possible options for repair after the tumour is removed.

It may be that he will be doing the repair himself and this would start once all the tumour has been removed.

We may have planned a combined procedure with another Surgeon in which case you will be transferred to their care for repair/reconstruction.

If the wound is to heal naturally, you will be given instructions on the care routine.

You will usually be able to return home on the day of the operation and we suggest you bring a relative or friend to accompany you.

The Local Anaesthetic is usually effective for two hours after which a little discomfort may be present.  If necessary, two Paracetamol tablets may be taken every six hours.  You may also be asked to take a short course of antibiotics immediately after the operation and this will be discussed with you.

Normally, a pressure dressing is applied after the operation which we ask you to keep in place for 48 hours.  A little bleeding from a fresh wound is normal and should not cause any concerns.   It will usually stop with simple, direct pressure applied for 5 – 10 minutes.  If the bleeding continues or is heavy, please contact us on 01865 320790.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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