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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, with over 400 people being diagnosed every day1. Melanoma skin cancer is on the rise, with incidence rates increasing by 45% in the UK in the last decade, despite the warnings of the dangerous effects of sun exposure. Most skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet (UV) light in the form of sunlight or tanning beds, which damages skin cells. Early detection of skin cancer, through examination and regular monitoring of moles, saves lives and if caught and treated early enough there is a 100% chance of survival. However, if left to develop and evolve, melanoma can become fatal which is why we strongly recommend having your moles checked regularly. Our professional team of dedicated cancer specialists can provide you with the reassurance of a correct diagnosis.

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Single Mole Check

If you have a single mole which you are concerned about and would like to be checked by an expert, book in for a single mole check at Stratum Dermatology Clinics. The mole in question will be scanned with a dermascope by a specialist nurse which will then be sent to one of our consultant dermatologists to be reviewed. A digital report on the mole will be produced and you will be contacted if further investigation is needed.

For the single mole check we cannot investigate moles which are located in an intimate part of the body, are on the eyelid or top of the ear, covered by an excessive amount of hair, are on a tattoo or are wet, open or bleeding. If you have any questions on this, please get in contact. If your mole or lesion requires further investigations, we may need to excise (remove) all or part of it to be assessed for cancer. Your specialist can advise during your appointment.

Full Body Mole Check

A full review of all moles and lesions on the body will be conducted by a consultant dermatologist using a dermascope. Should any of your moles require further investigation or removal, your consultant will advise during your appointment.

Mole Mapping

If you have a lot of moles, especially on your back, checking and noticing changes to your own moles can be really difficult. With our mole mapping service, we can do it quickly and effectively for you. Through early detection, mole mapping offers a great safeguard against skin cancer by catching suspicious moles before they evolve into melanoma. By creating a permanent record of your moles, anything new or changing can be easily identified, giving you peace of mind.

Mole mapping is conducted by a highly qualified consultant dermatologist, who is an expert in skin cancer using cutting edge skin-imaging technology; the FotoFinder system. This system provides state-of-the-art laser guided computer mapping of your entire skin and high resolution mapping of individual moles. It has an artificial intelligence algorithm to assess each mole and provide cancer risk analysis. The images it takes are analysed by your consultant, mapped and recorded. It’s ability to compare images and identify change makes it a highly accurate tool in the development of skin cancer.

You will be provided with a record of your mole map and the digital images will be securely stored for future reference. You will be invited back for an annual review to check for any changes to your moles, but of course if you notice any changes to your moles sooner, please contact us to make an appointment where we can assess any changes. During your appointment, if a mole or lesion requires further investigation, we may need to remove all or part of it so it can be assessed for cancer. Your specialist will advise you on this during your appointment.

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Why Stratum Dermatology Clinics?

We work with leading experts in the field of dermatology to ensure you have the best experience and treatment. Stratum Dermatology Clinics are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, are part of the British Association of Dermatologists and are top rated by patients on Doctify and Trustpilot. Both Stratum Dermatology Clinics and the consultants who work here are recognised by the main healthcare insurance providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need my moles checked?

We recommend an annual review of your moles to identify any changes which may have occurred since your last appointment. However those at risk of skin cancer might need to be seen more frequently than this. We will send you a reminder to book your annual check. If you notice any changes to your moles between appointments, please contact us to book a mole check appointment.

What happens if I have a precancerous mole?

At Stratum Dermatology Clinics, we are able to remove your mole if your consultant dermatologist is concerned, or if you would like it removed for cosmetic reasons. Your consultant dermatologist will discuss your options with you during your appointment if required.

How do I know which mole check is right for me?

It depends on your circumstances, family history and background. We recommend that you speak to one of our experts and they can suggest the best form of treatment for you.

Our Clinics

Stratum Clinics has specialist mole checking and skin cancer screening clinics across the UK. If you are worried about a mole, or haven’t been checked recently, visit one of our clinics for your check up.

The Harley Street

The award-winning Harley Street Dermatology Clinic joined Stratum Clinics in 2018. With experienced consultant dermatologists in London, Stratum Clinics Harley Street provides consultations and treatment of diseases affecting the skin, hair and nails.

Stratum Clinics Oxford

Based in the heart of Oxford, the clinic provides expert care for all skin related problems, as well as professional advice on maintaining and improving skin health and appearance.

Stratum Clinics Canterbury

With an enviable reputation as the leading private skin and laser treatment clinic in Canterbury, the clinic specialises in all aspects of dermatology. All services offered at the clinic are overseen by Consultant Dermatologists with years of experience in all types of treatments.

Stratum Clinics Wimbledon

Opened 2019, Stratum Clinics Wimbledon and Raynes Park is a purpose-built dermatology centre of excellence in the heart of the Wimbledon and Raynes Park area. The clinic provides expert care for all skin related problems, as well as professional advice on maintaining and improving skin health and appearance.

Stratum Clinics Cheltenham

Opened in 2020, Stratum Clinics Cheltenham is a purpose-built dermatology centre of excellence in the heart of Cheltenham, helping patients across Gloucestershire. The clinic provides expert care for all skin related problems, as well as professional advice on maintaining and improving skin health and appearance.

Stratum Clinics Manchester

In 2020, Everything Skin Clinic joined Stratum Dermatology Clinics. Located in Cheadle, Manchester, the clinic offers specialist Dermatological, Aesthetic and Laser Treatments. The clinic provides expert care for all skin related problems, as well as professional advice on maintaining and improving skin health and appearance.

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