Most people have moles on their skin and they are usually nothing to worry about, unless they begin to change in appearance, particularly size, shape or colour. If you have a lot of moles, especially on your back, checking and noticing changes to your own moles can be really difficult. Stratum Dermatology Clinic Wimbledon and Raynes Park can now offer mole mapping, an effective safeguard to skin cancer.

Mole mapping uses cutting edge skin-imaging technology, the FotoFinder system, to create a permanent record of your moles so anything new or changing can be easily and quickly identified. Through early detection, mole mapping is a great tool to catch suspicious moles before they evolve into melanoma, a common type of skin cancer. Mole mapping in our Wimbledon dermatology clinic is conducted by a highly qualified consultant dermatologist, who is an expert in skin cancer. The FotoFinder system uses a state of the art laser guided computer to map your entire skin producing high resolution images of all your moles. It has an artificial intelligence algorithm which then assesses each mole and provides a cancer risk analysis. The images of your moles are mapped and recorded. You will be provided with a record of your map and the digital images will be sorted for future reference. The images can then be compared over time to identify any changes in appearance of the development of new moles. Find out more about the mole check and skin cancer screening services we offer.

This new mole mapping service offered by Stratum Dermatology Clinics Wimbledon, supports existing skin cancer detection methods and treatments including a single mole check, full body mole check, Mohs surgery and photodynamic therapy. Find out more about skin cancer treatments offered at Stratum Dermatology Clinics.

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Moles are usually harmless, but these small dark spots on the skin can sometimes develop into a type of skin cancer known as melanoma. Examining and regularly monitoring moles saves lives.

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